This chapter contains informations about the course material, the required hardware and an installation guide.

Icons and Formatting we use

We use Icons to mark different kinds of information in the book:

  • ✅ Call for action
  • ❗️ Warnings, Details that require special attention
  • 🔎 Knowledge that dives deeper into a subject, but which you are not required to understand to proceed.
  • 💬 Descriptions for Accessibility

Example note: Notes like this one contain helpful information

Required Hardware

  • Rust ESP Board, available on Mouser, Aliexpress. Full list of vendors.
  • USB-C cable suitable to connect the board to your development computer
  • Wi-Fi access point connected to the Internet

No additional debugger/probe hardware is required.

Ensuring a working setup

❗️ As of March 2022 we are not providing complete setup instructions for MS Windows.

❗️ If you are participating in a training led by Ferrous Systems, we urge you to do prepare for the workshop by following the instructions in this chapter least one business day in advance to verify you're ready to go by the time it starts. Please contact us should you encounter any issues or require any kind of support.

❗️ If you are using a ESP32-C3-DevKitC-02 a few pins and slave adresses are different, since the board is similar but not the same. This is relevant for the solutions in advanced/i2c-sensor-reading/ and advanced/i2c-driver/, where the pins and slave addresses for the ESP32-C3-DevKitC-02 are commented out.

Companion material